Wills & Probate

Last Will & Testament

Regardless of your age, income or situation, it is prudent to have an updated Last Will & Testament. Your Will is a formally written document which expresses your wishes regarding the distribution of your Estate. If you do not have a Last Will & Testament, your wishes may not be carried out. Our team will provide advice, draft and attend to the execution of your Last Will & Testament to ensure your wishes are expressed clearly.

Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardian

Like your Last Will & Testament, your Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardian is a crucial document to have executed.

A Power of Attorney document enables you to appoint a person(s) to be your Attorney. Your Attorney can manage your assets, including paying bills or selling a house. This document is also effective if you ever become of unsound mind.

Similar to a Power of Attorney, an Enduring Guardian document enables you to appoint a person(s) to be your Guardian. If you ever become of unsound mind, your Guardian can manage your heath care and make health and welfare decisions on your behalf. Decisions including where you live or particular medical treatment you receive.


Acting as an Executor of a Will can be a very unfamiliar and stressful process. Our experienced Solicitor will walk you through the process from the initial conference, applying on your behalf to the Supreme Court of NSW for a Grant of Probate, liaising with asset holders such as banks, shares, aged care facilities and distributing the Estate in accordance with the deceased wishes.

Letters of Administration

Sometimes the deceased may not have had a Last Will & Testament. This is called Letters of Administration.  If this is the case, normally the deceased next-of-kin would inherit the estate. As the deceased did not appoint an Executor, the Supreme Court of NSW will appoint an Administrator to act on the deceased behalf. If your loved one has passed away and did not leave a Will, we can assist you in applying for Letters of Administration.

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